All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairytale my way
Been livin in a fantasy without meaning
It's not okay I don't feel safe

I Don't Feel Safe

Left broken empty in despair
Wanna breathe can't find air
Thought you were sent from up above
But you and me never had love
So much more I have to say
Help me find a way

And I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside alone
When it's cold out here
Well maybe you should know
Just how it feels
To be left outside alone
To be left outside alone

5 comentarios:

Unpredictable dijo...

besoooo :)

sonrisadecolor dijo...

Jajá, gracias.
Es de Estados Unidos, jaja

ASH dijo...

Y esa que canción es? me suena y no se de donde :S besote enorme linda

sonrisadecolor dijo...

Señor blog solicicta tu subicion de entradas(?

Marie Augustine. dijo...

Se me pego esta frase... To be left outside alone.. Ahora voy a irme cantando