And I don’t give a damn what they say, what they think

I feel so untouched
And I want you so much
That I just can't resist you
It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can't forget you
Been going crazy from the moment I met you

And I need you so much
See you, breathe you, I want to be you
You can take time
To live live the way you gotta live your life
Give me give me give me all of you you
Don't be scared
I'll see you through the loneliness of one more more more
Don't even think about what's right or wrong, wrong or right
'Cause in the end it's only you and me and no one else is gonna be around
To answer all the questions left behind

And you and I are meant to be so even if the world falls down today
You've still got me to hold you up
And I will never let you down (down)

Happy Easter

16 comentarios:

Mariam Ricci dijo...

ame tus outfits ^^

rebel, rebel dijo...

Si, pobre. Era demasiado tierno.

Asfi florinda karmátika dijo...

Que linda ropa
te ai lov u

Marina dijo...

Felices pascuas!
Que lindas botitas!
Un beso Camii!

Flo Adore dijo...

the veronicas ♥

merry easter puchi :D

Flo Adore dijo...

(me encantan las pics)

vi dijo...

A los 13 (L)

m. dijo...

happy eastern.

Jaz ! dijo...

Que bien te vestis Camiii

Ailuu dijo...

te amo qerida Puchi :)

Cammi. dijo...

que lindas botas :B

insectourbano dijo...

guauu que buennn blog *-*

como pones la mussica? :|


Altaaaas botas gataaaa
jajaj rebardero


En la cabecera parece BEN la rata asesina jajajajaja
como andas? q tal las pascuas?


me gustan tus fotos,
y tu blog es raro

Kimi dijo...

Qe buen blog;