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I was a loner
I was just waiting by myself
When you, warped temptress
Rose to bring me happiness and wealth
Black tears, black smile, black credit cards and shoes
You can call all the people you want
But it's you who's being used

Under your black eyes, honey
Right beneath your nose
A curse on all creation
Every single thing you know
White smoke, white light, white marble on the floor
It would only take a few seconds of darkness to figure out what's in store
Little girl

You convince yourself that you want it, but you don't know
You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won't go
We're gonna keep you on the run

We got the handshake under our tongue

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Bautiste dijo...

Esta personita me escribira algo lindoooo?
jaja, no te da risa leer esto cuando te putean? jaja
son lindas las fotos, todo bien vos?

Flor+encia dijo...

altas fotos.

Mrs.Valensi dijo...

Buena onda el blog (:

Seb dijo...

Que buenas fotos :)
Beso enorme, buen jueves.

ASH dijo...

Lindas fotos Cami, es buena :) Que la hibernación vaya bien ! besoo!

Violín. dijo...

Nueva remodelación de blog para Camilapuchimia(brazito ese que usas en el msn)
Já, te adoro pequeña Puchita♥